Wood Chipper Shredder

15Hp 5" Wood Chipper(LZ-CS-002)

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15Hp 5
15Hp 5
15Hp 5
15Hp 5
15Hp 5




LZ-CS-002 is a powerful wood shredder for professional applications if you don´t have a tractor or high voltage current available.  is powered by a 15hp 420cc engine and makes you completely independant where you want to use it.The adjustable trailer hitch and the agjustable support leg both allow easy transportation of the wood shredder even in offroad environment using an ATV or SUV car. The wood chipper can be even used as trailer on public roads with a maximum speed of 25km/h, but you need to comply with local regulations.

The GTS-1500 is a perfectly balanced wood chipper so that you can easily move it arround by hand. Its large 40cm wheels and the well positioned handle lets you easily move the wood shredder arround in your garden.

The wood shredder mechanism is designed as roller with 30cm width, equipped with 2 large knifes. These rotating knifes pull in the branches and cut them against the counter knife. Depending on the sort of wood this works up to a 12cm branch diameter with a capacity of up to 950kg wood to be shredded per hour. The output chute directs the shredded wood onto a trailer or other locations where needed.

The service friendly design concept of our wood shredder, guarantees easy maintenance. Parts likes knifes and counter knifes are easily accessible. Input and discharge funnels can be folded up within minutes for fast service.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 1250x900x1500mm
weight 205kg
trailer connection standard ball coupling
tire diameter 40cm
Engine 4 stroke, 420ccm, 15hp, unleaded E10
Engine oil (not included) approx. 1,1 L (10W30 / 10W40)
Starter pull starter
gas tank max. 6,5L
fuel consumption max. 3,3L/h full load
RPM max. 3600 RPM
knife rotor drive belt drive
number of knifes 2 + 1
knife rotor speed max. 2400 rpm
size inner end of input funnel 30x15cm
size input funnel 47x34cm
height of input funnel 110cm
recommended wood diameter < 10cm
height of discharge funnel 155cm
housing material strength 4mm
painting powder coating, green-yellow
wooden transport box 131x95x101cm
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