ATV Mower

16Hp 1.2M ATV Mower(AT16)

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16Hp 1.2M ATV Mower(AT16)
16Hp 1.2M ATV Mower(AT16)



 Our ATV  mower A16 They are very flexible. Thanks to the built-up Petrol engine with a  output of 16 hp They are independent with this mower, whether you prefer the one with Quad / ATV, a lawn tractor, Crop or even  tow with a car.
The deck is connected via a standard ball hitch to the towing vehicle.
The cutting height can be easily adjusted. The four-stroke petrol engine drives the mower via a V-belt.
The engine can be easily started by an electric starter; the 12 volt battery is included.
The 3 installed blades cut the grass very uniform over a width of about 115 cm. sturdy pneumatic tires, the mower can be moved easily even on very uneven surfaces.

4-stroke engine, 452 cc, 11.8 kW, 16 hp  

12 Volt - Starter
Drive about 1 V-belt
Total weight (dry): 183 kg
Normal petrol
Fuel tank capacity: approximately 13 liters
Consumption: approximately 2.0 l / h.
Cutting width: 1168 mm
Knife type: Sichelmesser
Number of blades: 3
Cutting height: 25-250 mm
max.speed: 8-10 km / h
max. Tensile speed: 15 km / h
Bulk packing: 128x112x71 cm (LxWxH)
Packaged Weight: 216

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