Mini Dumper
Mini Dumper

6.5Hp 300Kgs Tracked Mini Dumper(DP300B)

12 Year Manufactuer,OEM/ODM Service
6.5Hp 300Kgs Tracked Mini Dumper(DP300B)
6.5Hp 300Kgs Tracked Mini Dumper(DP300B)
6.5Hp 300Kgs Tracked Mini Dumper(DP300B)
6.5Hp 300Kgs Tracked Mini Dumper(DP300B)



  mini dumper is a handy little dumper that takes the back ache out of a huge variety of material handling tasks. Whether it’s moving paving stones to a patio at the end of a garden, stone walling rocks up a steep path or just logs for the fire the removable drop sided skip can assist with it all. Tipping is assisted by a pneumatic ram. This machine is powered by an excellent Loncin engine which is easy to start and ever reliable. At only 650mm wide this machine is great even when access is poor.

engine 6.5HP
start mode manual
fuel type gasoline
transmission 3F +1R
load capacity 300 kg
box length 900mm
box width 660mm
box deepth 285 mm
track width 180 mm
weight 180 kg
Measurement(mm) 1510*667*965
Packing size(mm) 1560*700*1100
load capacity 20ft:22. 40HQ:46
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