Post Hole Digger

9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)

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9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)
9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)
9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)
9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)
9Hp Hydraulic Post Hole Digger(LZ-HD-01)




The hydraulic earth auger features a balanced, self-supporting design for easier one-man earth drilling. The drills pneumatic tires and towable hitch allow for quick transport to job sites without damaging grass. If your heading into uneven terrain, you'll be ready with the drills 20 degree infinitely variable auger tilt which keeps the auger vertical even when drilling at an incline or decline. The earth auger will power through rough terrain and drill up to 4 feet deep! 


o    5 Free heavy duty bits included (5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch)

o    Delivers a powerful 3600 in. lbs. of torque

o    Dependable 9 HP Loncin Engine or 9 HP Honda GX270 Engine

o    Hydraulic powered

o    Low oil alert sensor

o    No trailer needed



1. With 9hp Engine

2. Suitable for digging manholes, holes for plants and fences,etc..

3. Max diameter of the hole: 300mm

4. Max digging depth: 2130mm

5. Tires 16"

6. Augers are available in different size: 5" auger, 6" auger, 8"auger, 10" auger, 12"auger

7: Pressure Relief Setting 2000psi

8:Max Flow 3gpm

9:Hydraulic Fluid Capacity 4 gallons

10:Max Auger Diameter 12in

11:Hydraulic Motor Speed 55rpm

12:Hydraulic Motor Torque 3800 in-lbs

13:Towing Coupler 2"

14:Max Towing Speed  45mph

15:Overall Dimensions 115"×41"×61"

16:Weight 168kg

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