Best Wood Chipper in America in 2019

1. Earthquake TAZZ 30520 Wood Chipper

It is a fantastic wood chipper and shredder which is developed based on ANSI B71.6 safety standards. The incredible wood chipper and shredder consists of a viper engine with almost 4hp.

It is powerful to mince the tree branches as large as three inches in diameter. It is also capable of shredding tree leaves, brushes, and other wastes. It is easily movable by a pair of 11 inches wheel which don’t go flat ever.

The oversized wheels make it easier to roll them to the place you want. There are some optional facilities too. The air gate acts like a vacuum kit providing a good air free gap.

Another kit is the rotating rotor which creates a torque around its axis. Both facilities help to provide 20 percent more vacuum than the same kind of tools.

The vacuum kits serve as a way of excluding the bagging scheme. It also has an attached debris bag which will automatically collect the wood chips and mulch.


· Capable of chipping up to 3inches branch and reduces volume 20 times than its previous form

· High-performance viper engine with a warranty of 5 years

· Portable, heavy duty and not bulky in size

· Collection bag with bottom-out zipper with a connector

· Optional vacuum kit


· Have a tendency of clogging at any time

2. Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper

It differs a lot from regular gasoline-powered chippers because it needs plugging into an electronic circuit. It operates on 14 amp and consumes 110 volts. It doesn’t also produce any fume or harsh, loud noise like the gas shredders.

The heavy cast steel construction makes it durable. The motor requires almost 2.5hp. You must have a twenty-amp circuit and a durable extension cord 110-volt outlet for using it. A shut-off switch protects and maintains the electric motor. It doesn’t clog while shredding leaves.

It weighs almost 95 pounds. The wheels at the bottom help to move it from one place to another. These two features make the chipper easily movable. It has a total of two chutes-one is for leaves where the other one is for branches.

It has a large collection bag for easy disposal. It comes out with protective goggles and a debris bag as part of the package. Overall, very easy to use.

The chipper is light-weighted and super affordable. It can be the best wood chipper for you considering these fantastic features.


· Two years warranty and extension of a one-year warranty for buying with Patriot 100 Ft Extension Cord

· Capable of chipping up to 2.5 inches branch

· Optional debris bag to collect mulch

· Portable

· Doesn’t need gas or oil, noise-free and maintenance free


· The funnel-shaped chute is not suitable for y shaped branch

3. Sun Joe CJ601E 14-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Our top favorite electric wood chipper is certified by ETL. It uses electricity, so unlike other gas chippers, you don’t have to fill the gas tank on a regular time basis. It does not generate gas or smoke, but it is a little bit noisy.

The motor operates on 14 amp. It can perform  4,300 revolutions in a minute, so quickly crush the woods or leaves. So, it is less time-consuming.

If you insert a lot of wood or leaves together, it may b clogged. But you can easily unclog it. Just unscrew the big knob after unplugging. The clogging occurs there, and you can access it.

Most of its components are made of steel. It only weighs 25.4 lbs because many parts are made of plastic. The 6-inch wheels help to move it easily.

One of its most amazing features is Safety hopper. It has a locking knot which prohibits the operation of motors if it is open. So if you open hopper, the motor will stop immediately.

The assembly of different parts is easy. You only have to set the screws accurately after mounting the wheels. Now it is ready to use by plugging in. All these excellent features made it in the list of the best wood chipper.


· Durable, warranty of two years

· Can chip up to 1.5 inches thick branches minimizing them up to 1/16th of the original volume.

· Doesn’t create fumes, smokes

· Easy portability and maintenance

· Includes a safety hopper


· Jamming due to fast feeding or big size of firewoods.

4. GreatCircleUSA Multi-Function Wood Chipper

It is a certified product by CARB and EPA. So it is safe and efficient to use. It is also very easy to assembly. The heavy-duty engine requires almost 7hp and 212cc Gas Power to operate.

OHV Gas Powered Engine has a single cylinder with 4- strokes. You don’t have to use ethanol. You can fill the tank with gasoline which has a maximum capacity of 0.7 gallons. One liter gasoline is sufficient to run it at least one hour.

One of its best characteristics is its multi-function ability. The top hopper is a part of 3 in 1 design used for volume chipping or shredding of 0.5-inch branches. It can reduce the volume up to 1/15th of their original condition.

The side hopper chips small branches and limbs. It has an internal shredder for easy leaf loading. If you want, you can purchase an optional vacuum kit. All of them make the shredding process quicker.

The wood chips/mulch get stored in a side collection bag for easy disposal. So, it ensures you neat and clean chipping activities.


· Heavy-duty, warranty of three years

· Big collection bag

· Gas powered engine enables chipping up to 3 inches

· Multi-function chipper

· Easy to transfer from one place to another


The zipper on the debris bag is easily breakable

5. Patriot Products CSV-3100B Leaf Shredder

Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP is one of the most reliable gas powered shredder. It consists of 10 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. This engine provides many methods of preventing high temperature, noise, and high fuel usage.

The engine has the compliance of 50 states. The absence of belts and pulleys removes the need for replacing the drive system. So, this is powerful enough to mulch 3 inches of wood quickly. The oil sensor helps to lower the percentage of damaging the engine.

The solid steel Y-hammer can grid the wood and leaves reducing them up to 1/20th of the previous shape. It gives an allowance of using the chipper without moving it by a side discharger.

The working procedure of the chipper can be more convenient by a set of accessories. You can purchase them separately. You can clean up the material from the chipper safely by the help of the Chipper buddy.

The insertion of a pile of leaves in the chute can be more convenient using a grabbing system. The debris bag is twice the size of the regular collection bag. So it can easily carry a lot of mulch and chips.


· Can crush up to 3 inches wood in diameter.

· Outboard bearing  for trouble-free chipping and shredding

· Easy assembly by following detailed instructions

· Durable plastic wheels make it portable

· Run continuously for a long time with a tank of gas, less noisy


The required pulls for starting the engine are difficult.

6. Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder

The chipper shredder comes with a 205cc Briggs & Stratton Engine. You don’t have to face trouble while starting it. It has an easy pulling system to start the engine. Most often the engine starts at first pulling.

It is a powerful and longlasting engine. So the chipper can chip both firewoods or leaves at a low amount of time. The most appealing feature is the ability to reduce the size of 20 units into one unit.

Both chipping knives and hammers are highly durable. They can chip 3 inches branches smoothly. They can endure a lot of pressure while being undamaged.

The hammer has a total of three locations. So if any of them breaks, you can run the tool using the rest two. The strong and large wheels help to move it from one location to another impressively.

If you have a plan to collect the mulch, the 2-Bushel bag can be your best friend for easy collection. The heavy-duty bag can store a lot of mulch without any fear of tearing. Overall, the chipper is durable, strong and reliable.


· Can grind up to 3 Inches reducing the size to 1/20th compared to its previous form.

· Heavy-duty kickstand, knives, and hammers

· Warranty of five years

· Provides a two-bushel bag

· Non-heavy and consumes small space


· The branch hopper hardly work for curved branches

7. Earthwise GS70015 15 Amp Electric Garden Chipper

The chipper consists of a 15-amp electric motor which easily transforms hard branches into fine chips. It allows almost 4500 rpm and requires 120 Volt with 60Hz frequency. It needs an extension cord to plug it in.

The internal chipper parts are well designed and well-constructed. The assembly is easy and straight forward. The body is made of plastic and metal. So, it weighs only 31 pounds.

The lightweight and strong, six inches rear wheels help to transport it easily. As it is not gas-powered, you don’t have to worry about refilling the tank again and again.

Unlike the gas-powered chippers, it doesn’t create fume and great noise. It includes a 1.2-bushel debris bin. The bin is highly durable and stores the compost as an easy disposal system. The chute is comprised of polypropylene which prevents the tendency of rusting and scratching.

The hopper provides safety along with a  tamper tool. It has a push paddle which protects the hands while feeding woods into it. It hardly clogs. But if it does, you can unclog it just by unscrewing a knob.

This is mainly used for dry material. If the load exceeds and the tool overheats, the reset switch saves the cord by immediately cutting off the circuit connection.


· Associated collection bin

· Can shred up to 4 inches limbs and branches

· Reset switch for safety

· Easy portability

· Large and wide hopper with a tamping tool


Not safe without protection kits

8. YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder

YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder is certified by EPA and CARB. It is a powerful tool having a 208cc motor and The Briggs & Stratton Engine.

The gasoline motor with 9.50 ft-lbs torque, supplies a lot of power to the chipper blades. The chipper with 6.5hp heavy-duty engine can be applied to a maximum of 3 inches branch.

It starts to work on the first pull. The components are highly durable with solid steel coating in the outer side. It requires fuel and oil to operate. The Capacity of the fuel tank is 3.25 quarts.

It has a large chute that helps to feed the wood or leaves without worrying about time consumption. Once we feed them in it, the self-feeding process takes care of the rest part. It doesn’t need any extra pruning.

It has a pair of steel chipper blades which reduces the size ten times. The blades are sharp and easily removable for sharpening. Its maneuverability is very satisfying. Though it weighs 226 pounds, the pneumatic wheels allow convenient portability across any surface.


· Best suitable to clean up medium to large yards.

· Shreds up to three inches branches in diameter

· Large self-feeding hopper

· It requires less time for chipping the wood or leaves

· ;Heavy duty structure with steel coating

· Fast maneuverability


· The chute and blade jam quite often

9. Champion 3-Inch Portable Chipper-Shredder

This product is approved by EPA and CARB, achieves power from a 338cc Champion OHV engine with a single-cylinder. It can easily start with the first pull with the direct driving facility.

The cast iron construction makes it useable for a long time. The fuel tank has a sufficient capacity of 1.6-gallon where the oil tank can stores up to 1.2-quart. The shut-off sensor will automatically shut off the machine if the amount of oil is low. Thus protects the engine from severe damage.

The durable hopper has hardened steel as cover. The main hopper can chip woods up to three inches, and the volume can be reduced more than ten times. The shredder hopper consists of 13.8-inches sharp blades as well as 4-hammers. It handles debris up to a ½ inch in diameter.

The product is quite heavy. But the integrated handle and two wheels allow quick maneuverability. The 12-inch tires never go flat. The 2-bushel bag can be attached to easy storage and clean up of chips and mulch. It has a durable handle-bar for convenient use.


· High capacity fuel and oil tank with heavy-duty material

· Capable of crushing up to 3-inch things in diameter.

· Quick maneuvers system

· Gives 2-bushel collection bag

· Two-year warranty and lifetime technical support


· Tough to use the oil filling gate

10. Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper

Sun Joe CJ602E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper is one of the best wood chipper certified by ETL. It comes with a 14-amp motor with maximum speed is 4300rpm. It is powerful enough to grind 1.5inches thick branches and shred a pile of leaves.

The size also decreases by 17 times. It is made of steel and plastic. So it weighs only 26.2 lbs. It has a heavy duty handle-bar for easy carrying and storage.

Besides the 6 inches wheels helps it to transport it across the yard. The tires are highly durable which ensures maximum performance and ease of transportation.

The hopper includes a locking knob prohibiting the motor from operating when the hopper opens. This feature provides extra safety for you. It starts immediately by an on-off switch which is situated at the bottom of the hopper.

As it runs by electrical energy, it will need an extension cord. But it removes the need for refilling gas and oil again and again like the gasoline based tools. As soon as you plug it into the circuit, it is ready to work. It will instantly stop when you open the safety hopper.


· Can shred up to 1.5 inches branch and reduce branches up to 1/17th its unchipped shape

· 2-year warranty

· Straight forward assembly and easy movability

· Doesn’t generate loud noise, smokes, fumes like gas-powered chippers

· It hardly overheats or shuts down

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