How to Choose A Log Splitter


A log splitter or wood splitter  is basically a mechanical device that uses hydraulics to push the logs against a metal wedge that splits them to make them smaller and ideal for use. a log splitter or wood splitter uses pressure and mechanical fore to split the logs into the reqired sizes.


There are many types of hydraulic log splitter or wood splitter to choose from, like electric horizontal splitters, electric vertical splitters, petrol vertical splitters, petrol horizontal splitter,. Each of these categories has varieties of features, which creates a lot of confusion among people looking to buy a log splitter that could help them achive the ideal firewood .


If you’re looking to buy the best log splitter or wood splitter, here are some buying Tips:


1:Focus On The Motor Power:


It’s the most important feature that you should look in a log splitter or wood splitter before buying it. A log splitter or wood splitter should be powerful to cut through all types of woods including hardwood, wet wood etc. This would largely depend on the power of its motor, which means the more powerful motor will have better performance  than the splitters having low motor power.


This is why it’s recommended that you should choose a log splitter or wood splitter that has the power to split through the toughest of woods. Checking the total RAM force, total horsepower, and amps can give you a better idea about the power of the log splitter and based on that you can make your decision.


2:Check The Diameter Splitting Range And Log Length:


All the log splitters or wood splitters have a specific limit of accepting certain sizes of logs. The log length and diameter that the log splitter or wood splitter accepts also determines the amount of work that you can do with it. Always remember that it’s better to buy a log splitter or wood splitter that can accept woods that are larger in size. This gives you the freedom to put any size of log you want in the splitter.


3:Check For Fast Cycle Times:


A cycle time of a log splitter or wood splitter  is the total time taken by the splitter to complete a cycle of extending the splitting wedge from full retraction to full extension and back. Log splitter  or wood splitter with fast cycle times means that the log splitter would be able to do more work in less time. A cycle time of 15 seconds is respectable time for a splitter, and anything more than that is considered to be not good.


The cycle time of a splitter plays an important part in its splitting efficiency and productivity. This is why you should always look for log splitters having cycle time equal to 15 seconds or less than that. Remember, lower the cycle time, faster the work done by the log splitter.


4:Focus On The Construction:


The construction of the log splitter or wood splitter  will determine how long the log splitter will work without creating problems. Generally, log splitters or wood splitter are designed to be used for many years of service. However, it’s suggested that you select a durable design, preferably an all steel construction that would give you many years free or trouble




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