How to choose between a electric chipper shredder or a petrol engine wood chipper?

Small and lightweight, electric chippers don't look like typical outdoor power equipment. However, their compact size and light frame and electric motor make them easy to store and easy to transport.

Electric chippers are powered by an extension cord plugged into a regular household outlet. Simply plug your chipper in and start chipping, even inside your garage, since you can operate an electric chipper without worrying about exhaust fumes. Also, the fact that they're electric means they need less maintenance such as oil changes and spark plug replacements. 

Due to their small size, electric wood chippers can only mulch branches and debris up to 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Because the branches that electric chippers can handle aren't much larger than the other types of debris they can shred, you'll often see electric chippers called as electric chipper shredders.

Instead of depending on gravity, electric chippers come with a tamper to help you safely feed material down the hopper.

Another hand usually a electric chipper shredder is cheaper than a petrol engine wood chipper. So it is a good choice for limited budget .

When you have larger diameter sticks and branches to chip, an electric model just won't do the trick.

Gas chippers are larger and more powerful than their electric counterparts. These chipping machines are capable of chipping branches anywhere from 1 1/2 inches in diameter all the way up to seven inches in diameter.

Gas chippers come in different styles:

· Gas chippers only (no shredders)

· Gas chipper shredders

· Gas chipper shredder vacuums

Gas-powered chipper shredders are popular among residential consumers because they allow homeowners to clear big branches and shred leaves while still proving to be cost effective.

However, because you can choose between smaller models that you push manually across a lawn and larger models that you tow behind a vehicle, you'll find gas-powered wood chippers to suit the needs of lawn care professionals, too.

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