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Log Splitter

China's Wood Log Splitter

The main purpose of a wood splitter is to extract wood from large softwoods or harder logs to meet the feed size requirements of the Wood Chipper Shred.
Wood splitters are divided according to power, which can be divided into electric power, gasoline engine power and manpower
  • Electric power wood splitter: Compared with gasoline wood splitter, it has low noise and is green. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, very suitable for the general population and professionals to buy.
  • Gasoline wood splitter: stronger power and higher efficiency. More convenient and flexible (as long as there is gasoline).
  • Manual wood splitter: cheap, no noise, safe, manual operation without power or gasoline.
Lizhong Log splitter include electric kinetic 5T/8T; petrol engine hydraulic 15T/18T/22T/40T/50T; petrol engine kinetic 22T/34T/42T Of course, we can also customize Wood Log Splitter for you

China Log Splitter Manufacturer / Factory

Do you want to increase your sales by purchasing machines from wood splitter manufacturers?

Or looking for a wood splitter factory to customize a machine to market your brand?

Lizhong is an outstanding garden machine manufacturer in China. We have been providing quality wood splitters for garden distributors, firewood companies. We have advanced equipment and technology to get you an excellent Log Splitter

Benefits of choosing a lizhong wood splitter

As an excellent manufacturer of garden machinery in China, there are three reasons why you should choose us

1.lizhong wood splitter is cheap

This is what you must know. The machines sold by log splitter manufacturers in China are very cheap. The advantage of Chinese imports is that you can reduce your costs and increase sales profits. In addition, our advanced technology and production capacity can save you time and money.

2. Strict quality control

Many people think that Log Splitter from China is of poor quality and not durable. This view is completely wrong! In order to ensure the quality of the delivered goods, we will go through layers of inspection to ensure that each product meets the quality standards. In addition, all our products are ISO certified to ensure safety during use.

3. Customized services

We have our own factory to develop and produce Log Splitter you need. Make your product more competitive. And we can hand in the best wood splitter in the fastest time.

If you need other specifications of wood splitter, please contact us. Our professional sales team will help you solve the problem.

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